flickr Award Counter

flickr Award Counter is a greasemonkey script that can be used to check the number of comments containing a particular string an image posted in a flickr group or pool has.

This is useful for group admins that need to quickly identify if an image has enough comments of a particular type to qualify for being in a certain group.

This is a greasemonkey script, which means you will need to be using firefox with greasemonkey installed in order to use it.


Installation is quick and simple, just click the link below to install:

Download Flickr Award Counter Greasemonkey Script ( downloads)

Release Notes

v2.19     Fixed single photo view.

v2.18     Fixed discussion view.

v2.17     Fixed SSL support. Fixed single photo view

v2.16    Fixed Flickr Urls to support https, Thanks to Dave_O1. Added support for justified pool layout. Added greasemonkey @grant metadata.

v2.15    Fixed show all on group disussion page

v2.14    Fixed count display spacing on comment threads. Fixed counter to work with new pool layout

v2.13    Fixed detection of image id for individual photos after recent flickr change

v2.12    Added Aleas patch for update check exception handler. Reverted change to pool handling as award counts were unreadable. Fixed detection of image url for pool photos aftter recent flickr change

v2.11   Fixed an issue that caused script version to be checked on every page load when running under some Greasemonkey emulators that don't support storing settings. Changed SaveCloudSettings to use a post request to prevent errors with long URLs. Added option to export counter settings to a string. Fixed compatibility issue with 'Flickr Group Pool Admin - Warn + Delete' script. Updated Pool display technique to interfere less with other scripts

v2.10    Applied Alesas patch to work with the new flickr layout. Thanks to Alesa for the patch and Tambako for letting me know about the new layout. Added option to display number of galleries.

v2.9    Fixed multiple URL config option & counting multiple awards in single comment. Added option to save settings online and tidied config page. Fixed version check code

v2.8    Added hide awards with zero count option

v2.7    Changed search behaviour to find the award string entered, without adding img tags

v2.6    Fixed clear settings option.

v2.5    Added option to display number of favourites.

v2.4    Added Sort & Edit options to config. Added Auto update function.

v2.3    Config dialog allows more awards to be added instead of being off the page.

v2.2    Allows multiple images to be specified per award, (separated with ';') and allows dupes for certain people to be ignored (separated with ';')

v2.1    Updated to be more compatible with other scripts; no longer removes PoolList class from pool page. Fixed reloading of comments when clicking Show all.

v2.0    Counts the comments for a photo using the flickr API on Group, Pool and Photo pages

v1.0    Counts the comments on the current photo page using javascript

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are the answers to some questions I've been asked about the award counter. You may find them useful.

Why is there no documentation for the counter?

Mainly because I haven't had time to write any. I'll be adding some simple instructions here soon. If you can't figure it out or find problems with it, drop me an email

My settings / saved awards have gone odd, what can I do?

The award counter isn't great at preventing you from adding award code that won't display properly on the config / flickr pages. If you find your awards are messed up or not displaying properly, try the following:

Go to a photo details page on flickr, then go to the 'Tools' menu in Firefox. Select 'Greasemonkey', 'User Script Commands', 'Clear flickr award counter config' (This option will only appear when you're on a photo or group page.)

This will delete the awards you have set up and let you start over.

How do I configure the Award counter?

Go to a photo details page on flickr, then click the 'configure' link that appears below the photo, under Awards and next to 'flickr Award Counter' . This will display a screen that looks like:

Award Counter Screenshot

In the 'Award Name' box, type a name for your award. this will be displayed in the list of awards. It should be something simple like 'Hearts' for flickr Hearts.

In the 'Award URL' box put in the link to your award image. This should look something like '' (No quotes.) You don't need to include any of the other text in your award.

If you have different versions of the image used for your award you can add them all in the box separated with ';'. this should give you something that looks like: ';'.

As flickr are changing some of the domain names used for serving image, you may find you get better results by only including the last part of the image name, ie: '/3088/2684359677_7cd9ea5c98_m.jpg' in the url field.

When you have finished entering the award details, click 'Add' and repeat the process for any other awards you want to count.